Garage Door Broken Spring Service of Spring TX

If your garage door is broken, it can be an absolute nightmare. The garage door is your primary exit and entrance into your home, and a broken spring can really turn your day upside down. Mister Garage Door Repair offers superior service to local residents. Our technicians are friendly and will repair your door right the first time.

Broken garage door springs can be a weapon for Mother Nature to hurl

When a garage door spring fails, it can prevent the door from lifting up. Replacing it yourself is a dangerous job, so it’s best left to a professional. Torsion springs have hundreds of different combinations, so it’s important to use the right spring for the door’s weight. This will prevent an array of issues down the road.

The best way to identify a broken garage door spring is to look for a gap between the ends of the spring. Broken springs cause the top panel to bend and will reduce the power of your opener. A door with a functioning spring will operate smoothly, while one with a broken spring will quickly fall and cause damage.

The lifespan of a garage door spring depends on the number of cycles that it undergoes. A standard spring is rated for 10,000 cycles, which means that it should last for at least seven to 12 years. However, the number of cycles depends on the frequency of raising and lowering your garage door. While the lifespan of a spring varies with the material it is made of, the amount of time it will last is generally around seven to 12 years.

Broken garage door springs can increase property insurance premiums

Garage door springs should last for a minimum of 10,000 cycles. They should also be lubricated. Using WD-40 White Lithium Grease or silicone-based lubricants is safe for spring coils and should not damage them. Spring tune-ups are also recommended annually. During a tune-up, you should check the springs for rust. If they’re damaged, you should have them replaced.

Fortunately, top-rated garage door repair experts are available to offer free estimates. Although the springs may look simple, they are under constant, intense pressure when they lift the heavy garage door. You should never attempt to repair these springs by yourself. It can lead to serious injury, damage to the garage, or even a much larger and more costly problem.

In addition to being a liability, broken garage door springs can increase property insurance premium costs. They can also cause damage from weather or theft. Therefore, you should make sure to have them checked on a regular basis to reduce your liability.

Cost of repairing broken garage door springs

A broken spring can cost you a lot of money. You should consider hiring a professional to replace it, as it can be dangerous to replace the spring yourself. Professionals have the tools and the right knowledge to do a good job. Not to mention, they’ll save you a lot of stress and time.

If you have a Garage Door Broken Spring Service of Spring TX, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. It can cause your door to be crooked or jerky, and even cause corrosion or rust. It can also affect the functioning of your garage door. Fortunately, there are many ways to repair it.

To start with, you should lubricate it. A simple application of spring lubricant will prevent a broken spring from causing major damage. Another option would be to have a safety cable installed. The installation of a safety cable will cost about $140 to $200.