Potential Features Of Laser Liposuction

Potential Features Of Laser Liposuction

People who have lost the amount of weight they'd like to lose but still have some stubborn areas of fat they'd like to get rid of may want to consider laser liposuction, sometimes called smartlipo liposuction. There are a number of benefits to this type of procedure for sculpting the body, although it isn't good for weight loss purposes.

Better Results

Compared to regular liposuction, getting laser liposuction from a cosmetic surgery specialist tends to give better results. This is because the use of the laser to dissolve the fat cells allows for the use of a smaller canula to drain off the fat. The narrow canula means that there will be less scarring and less disruption to the body tissue around the area being treated. The laser also helps to increase collagen in the skin and minimize bleeding. The collagen will help keep the skin smooth and tight over the newly treated area. The lasers also allow for better targeting of the area to be treated.

Faster Recovery

After the procedure, it's necessary to rest for at least 48 hours, then to start with light activity to keep the blood flowing well in the area. Within about three weeks, people can go back to their normal exercise routines. This recovery period is less than with traditional liposection because the connective tissue and nerves are less likely to become damaged. There is also less bruising because the laser helps to seal all of the blood vessels off in the area that has been treated. The small canulas used and the laser sealing off the blood vessels means that stitches are usually not required. There will be less pain and discomfort overall, and many people find they are able to manage with over-the-counter painkillers after the surgery instead of the stronger prescription variety.

Safety Considerations

Be sure to choose a board certified plastic surgeon for any liposuction procedure. Ask to see past results and make sure that the doctor has plenty of experience with the exact procedure that you're considering. Avoid doctors that promise results that seem too good to be true, or those that recommend removing large amounts of fat at one time. Only 4 island to 5 liters of fat should be removed per procedure at the very most according to current safety recommendations. Liposuction shouldn't be performed at the same time as any other procedure, as this is more likely to lead to complications.

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